Licensed practical nurses should posses several characteristics in order to achieve the requirement of their profession or become registered nurses. Apart from the strong background in education, acquisition of additional skills enhances the quality of a licensed nurse. According to studies, three main qualities have been identified. These include compassion, patience, and confidence. In order to empathize with patients, LPN nurse should have compassion. Though it does not mean the person should exactly understand how the patient feels exactly but they should be in a position to understand why they need someone to care for them. Patience is another quality that LPN nurse. It helps the nurse to get along with physicians, co-workers, and family members other than patients. Moreover, possession of confidence is another key trait for the profession. It helps in handling some critical issues among the patients that does not require expertise.

Nursing profession today is a practice whose basis is forged on experimental knowledge that has undergone refinement through an individuals practice towards provision of human services. In order to understand the environment of care and human care, constant evaluation of the dynamics of theoretical foundations is paramount. The critical thinking and emotional intelligence is crucial in the best practice of care and nursing process. Therefore, elements of commitment, human caring, and devotion are critical to the profession and are reciprocated by top quality customer satisfaction.

Therefore, there exist some responsibilities of a LPN. They usually provide bedside care essential to patients under the supervision of registered nurses and physicians. The usually take vital information such as respiration, pulse rate, blood pressure, and temperature. Recording of a patient’s progress is also part of their responsibility. In addition, LPNs help in maintaining of hygiene such as bathing and dressing of hospitalized and bedridden patients as well as caring for emotional wellbeing and comfort of their patients. Graduates of LPN program assist surgeons in the operating room with tasks such as arrangement, supplying and handling sterile instruments.

In conclusion, LPN program requires an individual who can withstand emotional stressful circumstances. This is because nurses attend to chronically or critically ill patients. Thus, an individual should exhibit tolerance and emotional stability. Furthermore, they should be able to take instruction from other doctors, nurses, and supervisory staff. However, as a LPN, one enjoys a flexible program at the work schedule and remunerations are impressive.