Response to first student

Studying such an important function as cognition I agree with you requires the study to take place over a couple of months and indeed more than six months in order to fully compare the results of the cognitive changes that may have taken place from the beginning to the end of the study. I also think your study should have had a control group for comparison. Control groups really bring out the cognitive changes especially in IADLs that have been brought about by exercises.

Response to second student

The study sample is indeed low bearing in mind the importance of the study results which will then be generalized to the public. There are many different exercise programs specifically tailored to the elderly such as cardio exercises, specific exercises for the elderly with other disorders as well and they are shorter but effective in especially the YMCA programs. Why do you think that the nursing home offers only those chair exercises that are low in intensity to the elderly in your town?

Response to last student

Your study similar to other studies of cognitive functions through exercise was limited by the fact that it took place over a short period of time. Six and a half weeks is too short a period to truly and reliably measure the cognitive changes. The fact that there is no mention of a control group is also another limitation of this study. Your research article is however the first I have seen having a follow up of the exercise program. Are the results of the follow-up indicated?