Collateral deposit flow-chart

Summary of the flow-chart

The flow-chart for the collateral deposit process is divided into three sections namely the participants, procedures and the steps to the followed to attain them. The participants in the process as outlined above include the loan officer, collateral records clerk, vault custodian, vault attendant and the collateral clerk. Each of them plays a very significant part in the process and it cannot be completed without the effort of one of them. The procedures are aligned to each of the participant in the process. The loan officer undertakes the preparation of the collateral receipt after the borrower has presented the request for borrowing.  The collateral records clerk logs in the details and vault custodian is meant to undertake cross examination of the details so as to ensure that they are in order.

Cross examination involves conducting background checks on the borrower that involves determining their credit worthiness and past borrowing history. The vault attendant is charged with the responsibility of depositing the collateral documents in a safe place until that time when they are needed for any form of confirmation. The collateral clerk is charged with the final duty of ensuring that the necessary follow-up is undertaken. The last part of the flow diagram outlines some the steps that are undertaken by the various participants to ensure that the procedures are followed in the required manner. Each procedure involves three steps that must be done in the manner in which they have been outlined in the chart.