Each organization will achieve its performance by maintaining to its course. Since each organization has a different goal in providing service to this organization, the methods of achieving performance will be different (Servellen, 2015). For instance, Grand Prairie Services will work together with the cancer organizations to bring together the specialist and utilize the cancer screening technologies. Laredo Nursing and Rehab will focus on training of the staff on a day-to-day basis. The performance will be checked on the quality of the services both by formative and summative measures. Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center, on the other hand, will use workshops conferences and other events to reach its targets. Memorial Hermann will target pregnant mothers and newborns. The performance will be monitored based on mothers and newborns health outcomes. Finally, Smith &Nephew Inc. will develop a framework for the provision of care and training others to achieve better outcomes. Each organization will be required to work as per crediting professional bodies and by agreed professional ethics to meet the desired goals. Through following of these steps, efficiency in performance will be achieved. Monitoring will be periodic and summative for all their activities (Bryan, 2015).

Information gathered by the staff at the organization will be communicated through supervisors to leaders at the top. Various means will be used depending on the organization. The chief aim will be to facilitate the free flow of information to other staff and leadership on the progress of the organization. Since each organization has a different part to play, the information will be very instrumental in achieving their respective goals (Hugman, 2015). The transmission of information will be through established channels to prevent a breach of confidentiality. Only information sought to improve the wellbeing of patients will be discussed. Therefore, collaboration at the lowest level will depend on the type of information shared making it possible for staff to work together.