One of the strengths associated with the song Tata Nzambe is that it is well organized and resonates with the issues that affect almost all societies. From the title to the lyrics, listeners decipher that the song speaks about the ills of this world and the importance of seeking God’s guidance (Tata Nzambe,1999). In this sense, the song is informational in nature, and this makes it a good song because most songwriters in the modern days have forgotten about the element of information. When it comes to composition, the cool instrumental melodious instruments match with rapping as well as the chorus segments of the song (Tata Nzambe,1999). This represents the strength of the song because it allows the listeners of the song to hear the spoken words. The inclusion of the female voice just before the chorus also adds a unique tonal impact to the song, and this makes it an easy listening to the ears.

The sequence of rapping whereby each rapper comes with a different message is also critical because it makes the song flows in a uniform way (Tata Nzambe,1999). However, the song also has some few limitations when the perspectives of beats and singing are taken into perspectives. As regards beats, the song relies on almost one beat from the start to finish, and this tends to bring the aspect of boredom into the song. At the same time, the chorus is also sung in one tune that makes it monotonous. Overall, Tata Nzambe is a song that is well organized and informational but should have been enhanced by infusing different beats and tunes to it.