Michael Beer’s definition of organizational development, among the offered definitions, most reflects on my view of organizational development. The author’s definition identifies a statistical approach, on all systems of an organization, which aims at facilitating cohesion in different aspects of an organization, development of solutions to an organization’s problems, and improvement of an organization’s capacity and is consistent with my views of organizational development as a systematic process that results in positive change in an organization’s different aspects. One of the reasons for my choice for the definition is the key elements to its definition that are consistent with my perspective to the general scope of development and the scope of development in an organizational set up. The statistical perspective is one of the elements and identifies reliable and valid approach to development of strategies that can empower an organization to a better position and is therefore consistent with the definition of development. The aims that the definition identifies are also consistent with my view of organizational development as a process that establishes positive change in an organization, because of their developmental orientation (Cummings and Worley 2).

Response to classmate’s answer

I believe that the response to the second section is not comprehensive, based on the first section of the discussion prompt. The question relates to the best definition, based on personal view and not an ideal perspective, and this means that your rationale should have focused on personal perspectives on the concept of organizational development that coincides with the identified definition. The rationale is also too brief.