1. How many articles mention Peru in the Financial Newspaper between May 12th 2012 and November 30th 2012?

One article in the Wall Street journal and another one in the New York Times mention Peru.

  1. Please give an example of a front-page story from the New York Times on January 16th, 1930.

The front-page story was about the new deal. The US government had reached a deal on how to deal with the problem of the great depression that had affected the American economy from the 1920s to 1930s. During the great depression, the US stock market continued to shrink or decline despite efforts to curb it. The story about the new deal in the ‘New York Times Newspaper’ centered on the options that S.E.C had in an attempt to reach an overhaul in the US stock exchange. The story held that successful overhaul of the securities on the stock market was possible if right leadership was put in place.

  1. Name one strength and one weakness from SWOT analysis of the following company: All Nippon Airways company.


Nippon Airways Company has the ability to implement reservation system, which assist the company in conducting its bookings on time.


Failure of the management to realize its IT infrastructure this has made the company unable to handle complex crisis. For example, the airline attempted to operate flights in a storm when the rest of the major airlines had cancelled the flights

  1. Comparing economic indicators from 2008 and 2009 in Turkey. In which year was inflation highest and in which year was unemployment highest?

The economic indicator of the inflation rate in Turkey was measured using the consumer price index. The consumer price index indicates the transformation in prices of goods and services, which Turkish citizens buy for consumption. An economic indicator is a gauge about the economy, in this case inflation and unemployment. Turkey’s inflation rate was highest in August 2008 where it rated 12.06 per cent as per annual change on consumer price index. Its unemployment rate was highest in February 2009 where it rated 14.4 per cent of the unemployed labor force.

  1. There has been one academic review of Christopher D. McKenna’s book “The World’s Newest Profession: Management consulting in the 20th Can you determine what journal it was in and who wrote it?

The review was in the Rand journal of Economics written by Larissa Fauber on 28th October 2010.