The picture entails a dummy doll sculpture art mounted on a table. The doll sculpture is figure form with hyperbolic features that deviates from conventional symmetrical assumptions. The head of the sculpture piece supports what appears to two horns, curved. The rest of the form from the neck to the lower part of the piece depict a normal posed human figure dressed in waist wrap. The hands are wrapped on the belly. The form is dominated by three color hues of brown, grey and white. The likely material used to make the sculpture is paper Mache as indicated by the semi-rough surface.

In contrast, the upper part of the form bears most of the weight of the form creating a scary feel that contrasts the lower part of the form.  The two horns of the sculpture curve outward and are painted grey with a green wavy line that runs from the root of the horn to the tip. The eyes balls protrude from the head conspicuously. The inner part of the eyeball is darkened, surrounded by a white. Two shades of fur (grey and pink) are placed on the head representing the hair. The grey hair drops down the face while the pink fur dominates the center of the head. Black zigzag lines are applied to represent tooth as they intersect with the brown lines that mark the outline of the mouth.

The waist wrap coloring is embellished with repeated motifs of a reversed E, creating a fabric like feeling. The legs are covered by a thick layer colored brown with a thin white line on base, appearing to be boots and sole.