Landing the scholarship would complement all the effort that I have put in my education thus far, and would play a significant role in ensuring that I accomplish my plans. As it stands, I am a first generation college graduate, holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Administration and specializing in Health Information Systems, and I believe that the scholarship would provide me with the ideal occasion of pursuing Masters of Business Administration in Healthcare Administration, which has been one of my long-term educational objectives. Pursuing the Master’s degree would be particularly important in guaranteeing that I accomplish my career aspiration, which has overtime been securing a management level position either as a Health Information and Technology Manager or as a Manager of Health Services in a relevant organization. In as much as my long-term future objective is to establish my own non-profit organization, which would focus on supporting underprivileged children and women, the homeless, the mentally challenged, those who have survived domestic abuse and those living with HIV/AIDS among others, I am of the belief that landing the management level job as outlined above is instrumental. The scholarship would particularly be important in making sure that I get the job, for its competitive nature shall be recognized as an accomplishment mainly because it will have taken note of my exceptional academic ability. Additionally, the scholarship would provide me with a favorable learning environment given that I will fully focus on my studies, an event that would come in handy in making sure that I score better grades, and at the same time retain a substantial percentage of what I learn.