Technology has played an important role in our day to day activities. It has been a major influence and has played a major role in our lives, socially, economically and in careers.

It has let people from all over the world to be able to network and share through social platforms and professional platforms too. Social sites e.g. Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, have also made it possible for employers to advertise job opportunities in the sites so as to reach a wider range of people than the professional sites. Facebook groups make it possible for job opportunities to be advertised and posted in relevant groups related to job seekers in different regions of the world.

Cooperates have also been given a platform to interact directly with their clients/ customers from all over the world. This has made it easier to access suggestions, ways to improve, diversify and reach all types and classes of people they wish to provide their services to.  Cooperates get to involve their fans in activities and promotions, more often and faster than in person.

Social networks have made networking a very easy task for a very large part of the world.  The job seekers have also been saved from tarmacking through one office to the other. The article on professional network; focusing on LinkedIn, stated outlines that are very clear guides to job seekers and those seeking to employ. It is a good foundation and site for people to build their careers and improve their businesses.

The article provides strategies in which one can be able to attract and get attention from the kind of people they seek. It says that the profile showcases you and your expertise making it your key to opportunities. When meeting new people and learning about them, it makes it easier to connect in a proper way making it less awkward, when seeking further connection. It helps one to develop a strategy that will bring people to your profile making it easier to embrace business and career opportunities.

The major lesson from this article is knowing how to package yourself to the cooperate and professional world.