Enrolling in a minor in finance will help to build my career, make it possible to change it in the future, and make me a master of my own financial life.

First and foremost, finance minor will help to create value in the major I am pursuing. According to Slatalla, most organizations, whether business or non-business or even governmental bodies, require some level of financial knowledge. By learning some financial concepts through a minor in finance, one can easily broaden his or her learning experience. A minor in this field therefore will be an additional advantage in the job market.

Secondly, a minor in finance will diversify my educational portfolio. Slatalla argues that pursuing a minor will create opportunities for flexible careers as well as future education. Indeed, with a minor in finance, it becomes possible to change from one’s career to one in finance. Further, this opportunity is created without going through the rigor of a major in finance. A minor in finance usually take half the time its major will require to complete. Clearly, a minor is an attractive way of expanding my education status and making it possible to quickly change a career if I will ever want to.

Thirdly, a minor in finance will arm a person to take charge of personal financial future. The lessons learned in a minor in finance will simplify personal financial aspects making it possible for me to develop an effective approach towards the management of my own fiscal matters. As a matter of fact, resources have become scarce. This has brought about competing needs that require attention. A minor in finance will go a long way in management of my personal assets and liabilities. This can create a huge difference in life and lead to financial freedom.

In conclusion, enrolling in a minor in finance presents an attractive opportunity that cannot be turned down. The minor will create value in the career I am pursuing, diversify my education portfolio, and enhance my finance management skills.