After reading the material, I have changed my views regarding the ethical treatment of animals. Initially, I used to think that animals should not be protected because they are there to be used by human beings. However, it’s critical to change this mindset because the rate at which the human beings are misusing pets and other animals is alarming. Human beings have been using animals and their products for their own good. In addition, they have been infringing a lot of pain to harmless animals. It’s unethical not to consider the rights of animals in satisfying our unending needs.

Experimental testing and use of animals in medical research should be regulated. With the increasing number of diseases that requires cure, the number of animals being used for testing has arisen tremendously. Therefore, there is need to put up the necessary laws in order to protect the animals from exploitation. Research indicates that approximately 1.04 million animals are being used in experiments. We conduct experiments with these animals because they are like us. Therefore, by applying the similarity principle, we should avoid infringing pain on these animals.

The proponents of animal testing argue that there are no alternative. However, there are better alternatives that can be used in the laboratories. For instance, scientists can use lab-grown cells and organs to conduct testing. Therefore, the argument should be opposed by all means possible.

In conclusion, while science and medical research is significant, there is no need to use cruel means to achieve our objectives. Currently, we have progressed both scientifically and technologically. Therefore, there is no need of using animal test subjects.