The financial professional that I interviewed was a realtor. I decided to interview a realtor because everyone that buys or rents a house needs their help. The first take away message that the realtor told me was that the real estate industry is more complicated than most people imagine, thus rendering the role of realtors relevant. The realtor was right in his statement because there is a lot of information that a person must know prior to making the decision to buy a house. The second take away message from the realtor was that real estate is one of the fastest growing industries in the community. There are lots of opportunities available for investment in this industry, thus getting the help of a good realtor is imperative.

Seeking the help of a financial professional is a great first step towards establishing a better financial plan for your future. When you first meet a financial professional you should ask them about their credentials and get a brief overview from them on how they are going to help you prior to contracting the person. My biggest concern in regards to working with a financial professional in the future is privacy. I have to be sure that the information I give to this person will remain confidential. Another concern I have is whether the person will look out for my best interest. I have read so many stories in the news of people with money such as athletes being robbed of their money by personal financial advisors. An unanswered question I have about this topic is whether financial professionals are liable when they give bad advice to their clients.