Culture plays an important role in the identification of any specific society or country. There exist some differences between the cultures of every two nations that represent the differed specifications and values of the cultures of those countries. Talking about the cultural differences, let us discuss how the cultures of France and United States differ from each other as evidenced by art and entertainment. American film industry is influenced by the elements of violence, sex, and action whereas the key elements of French film industry are emotions, passion, and existential dilemmas. One of the filmmaking characteristics that differs American cinema from French cinema is that French filmmaking is somewhat dull and sloppy whereas American filmmaking involves such characteristics, which are able to attract a vast majority of public towards the cinema. “The actions of characters in American cinema are largely done to reveal a general character trait which distinguishes itself from French cinema” (Smith).

Another difference between the cultures of two countries is that French art and entertainment industry is closely linked to the political parties of France whereas in the United States, there is no such influence of politics on the entertainment industry. France is the third largest foreign market for the American movies whereas in the United States, foreign markets are able to capture less than 2 percent of the box office. Therefore, we can say that at present, American film market is really dominating the French market and it has the potential to invade rest of the European film markets as well in the near future.