In most communities, men are regarded as the head of the family. This is frequently the case because men are given the role of being the breadwinner in the family and the man also provides security to the family. Indeed gender discrimination exists even in the present society as seen by the dominance of men in many sectors of leadership.

Violence against women may result in physical, sexual or mental harm and may occur in public or private life. Women suffer more when it comes to gender violence due to their limited social and economic power (Barry 120). This attributes greatly as women with little social and economic power in a society that looks down on the woman’s role will not acquire support even when they voice out their point of view.

Feminist care ethics criticize traditional ethics which disregarded the values and way of thinking of the woman in the society and the view on women as subordinate. They now encourage women to speak out. This has been encouraged through establishment of organizations that aim to empower women through leadership training and economic training. These organizations encourage women to be economically empowered so that they will have the capability to engage in activities that men engage in. Moreover, through feminist care ethics, global violence against women has reduced as many states in the world encourage participation of women in leadership. This enables the rights of the afflicted women to be fought for efficiently as the women in leadership can fight towards change in the constitutional rights that may put women in a point where they will be violated.