Cultural Traits

Germans have a very strong culture. This can be estimated from the fact that within Germany, German language is the standard for most of the institutions, organizations and businesses. Unlike Germans, Indians abandon their national language i.e. Hindi for English at the workplace. In addition to that, German is the only language in the German culture. Thus, all Germans communicate with one another only in German. On the other hand, Indian culture constitutes myriad of languages that include but are not limited to Tamil, Hindi and Marathi. Although the variety of languages in the Indian culture speaks of its richness, yet it also generates many problems for the local people. Many Hindi speaking Indians don’t understand or speak Marathi and vice versa.

Business rules in Germany don’t have any room for flexibility unlike the rules in India, that are characterized by their flexibility. In Germany, contractors have to face financial liabilities if they complete the project after the deadline originally established between the client and them. Indians, on the other hand, tend to be quite forgiving to their subordinates in this manner. Most projects are completed after the expiry of the deadline.

Germans are praised globally for their fore-sightedness. Germans are extremely prudent in their planning. This is the fundamental reason why they get their works done without delay. Indians’ planning is also very good but not as robust as that of the Germans. This can partly be attributed to the political crises in India which give rise to unexpected risks that in turn, affect the progress of work