The article focuses on the creation of open source software. For instance, it focuses on the roles that the GNU is expected to play. For example, GNU is expected to support UNIX programs (GNU Manifesto, ND). In particular, the GNU is expected to be compatible with UNIX program. The article has highlighted the significant amount of interest that the GNU has generated from developers. However, the article has noted that there is a need for more financial resources in order to achieve their objective. Consequently, there is an appeal for financial contributions. Moreover, a software tax is an effective way of raising funds to support the development of GNU software.

The article has focused on one of the most important developments in information technology. The creation of open source software highlights an important trend towards ensuring that computer users can have access to strong computer software free. In addition, the significant amount of interest that it has generated demonstrates that developers are keen on the creation of a software that all people can use. However, the noble aim of this project faces two important challenges. First, the programmers need to make a living. As a result, many things will limit the development of open source software. Second, open source software may lack the necessary robust infrastructure. However, an evaluation of the benefits and challenges of creating free software demonstrates that it is a practical and noble aspiration that should be pursued.