Today I am going to show you the proper technique of saving a drawing co-worked. The name of the guy is Bob also known as “know it all” Bob. The nickname was given to him because of his blatant behavior and boldness. Bob is one of those guys that everyone has for a friend: self-confident, optimistic, stubborn and thinking that he is smarter than everybody else.  Moreover, he rarely trusted the advice of those who had more experience that he did. Bob is exactly this way.

During one of our regular team buildings were we supposed to overcome an obstacle course that had different challenges. One of them was to cross a rather rough stream. The coach had instructed us to wear life jackets and to only cross the stream in pairs and under the supervenes of life guardians. However, Bob always boasted of his survival abilities and most of all of the swimming skills. He quickly mastered the first few obstacles and headed to the stream. I saw him going in the wrong direction and warned him, yet he persisted. When I caught up with him, he was already in water with his life jacket left behind. Bob argued that it would restrain him, and he did not need it anyway. At first, everything was fine, but then, when Bob got the middle of the stream something got wrong, and he started drowning.

First of all, when saving a drowning person, it is important to call for help. Then, one should move the person out of the water; it is necessary to a confident swimmer to perform it ( After bringing the person out of water check for breathing mediately ( If the person is not breathing than a pulse must be checked for no less than 10 seconds. If there is no pulse, the CPR procedures should be started at once. If done correctly and timely such procedures give a high chance of saving a life.