Life is not all about money. I agree with Christensen assertions in his seminal article (Chamorro-Premuzic, 2013). That’s how I will measure my life. The main reason people search for jobs and want to build careers is all because of money. Love for money inculcates in people’s mind such that they strain so much to know what minimum an individual needs to have and what other motivator drives life instead of focusing on how to maximize all the motivators in life apart from money. If money is what drives your life, you end up feeling unappreciated, demeaned, worthless and even frustrated. This can occur  at the end of the day  when you have not reached your target. However, when one view life in a different perspective where you feel you are recognized for achieving valuable things and having a positive impact on someone’s life that changes your attitude towards several things surrounding you such as how you relate to people.

In the business world, management is seen as one of the honorable professionals since it gives one an opportunity to help people grow, contribute to people’s success and recognized for achievements. The same way companies allocates resources skillfully is the same way an individual should allocate personal time, energy and responsibilities in life.  In real life if you are not certain of your sense of purpose, you are likely to put your strength and efforts in things that do not matter.

Making a resolution that every day you live to be celebrated for someone’s success and achievements are what should measure your life.