According to my understanding, social media recruitment has currently become an important issue in the HR sector because of several reasons. Firstly, social media has become a link between the recruiters and job seekers. Many people fail to show up in various recruitment stations. This has led to the employers reaching out to them through social media, Facebook being an example of them. Secondly, when recruitment is done through social media, it turns out to be faster than when it is conducted physically.

Passive talent is a situation where a candidate is talented but is not actively looking for a job. This may be because they are already employed or they are just not desperate for a new job. Passive talent is important in recruitment of candidates because it has currently become difficult to reach out to skilled laborers unless this sector of passive talent is utilized. Research shows that employers miss out a lot when they fail to source passive candidates, as it is in them that productive labor lies.

I agree with Shahid’s assertion that the future of recruitment is social, mobile, and in-bound. This is because a study has evidently indicated that countries, which employ passive recruitment, such as the United States are doing exemplary well in business. This is as compared to nations that have overlooked this aspect of recruitment through the social media, such as Canada. They are said to be drifting towards the red line in the welfare of business. The aspect hence makes a significant impact on business.