Human beings are the most intelligent creature on earth. This intelligence comes with the ability and store information for future use. Mnemonics are tools that one can use to recall very difficult information (McPherson, 2010).  The notion behind mnemonics is to simplify information in a manner that makes it easy to recall. Students use mnemonics many times in the course of the studies. It aids in recalling the vast amount of information obtained during the learning process.

The use mnemonics is inspired by imagination, association, and location.  Imagination aids in the creation of unique associations when creating a mnemonic.  The higher the imagination and visualization that easier it is to remember (Blerkom, 2012).  Association entails merging, placing and crashing things to make it easy to remember.

The most effective mnemonics strategies while studying are summarizing, rereading, and visualization. These techniques help the brain to recall the most important information. Summarizing is meant to weed out the unnecessary information and retain the most important points. Rereading is a chance to grasp the meaning and associate with something familiar and easy to remember. Visualization brings the information to life in the mind.  It is very hard to forget such imaginations.  Personally, the most effective mnemonic strategy is summarizing large amounts of information to get the main points. It makes it easy to recall because the remaining information can be associated with a few things.  Mnemonics have been very useful during exams. They have helped in recalling different types of information within a short time.

My favorite mnemonic is “My Very Educated Mother Just Showed Us Nine Planets.” It shows the order of the nine planets from the first to the last.