I agree with the philosopher that it is common for people to live in ignorance about the true state of things. In a lesser or smaller degree, but the perception and world outlook of individuals is being influenced by their own “cave”, which stands for the limits of one’s consciousness. These caves can be formed by different factors, such as certain societal and cultural norms or the lack of individual curiosity. It is a part of human nature to desire to remain in the environment which is well-known because it gives the feeling of protection and confidence in what is going to be next. Yet, this comfort and satisfaction with personal cave makes people ignorant of the universal truth that can be discovered only when a person leaves a cave.

An important point which Socrates makes is that only by leaving this cave a person can indeed realize that he/she saved oneself from this ignorance as far as he/she know can get more knowledge and compare it with previous views on things.  Only appearing in a light, individuals can have a clear vision of the truth and realize their illusions. The following means shifting the old perspective, which had certain cultural and intellectual limits, and becoming eager to see the world from multiple perspectives. In my opinion, the position expressed by the philosopher is logical and illustrates the importance of acquiring knowledge and having a constantly questioning and critical thinking. In contrast, those who prefer staying in a well-known cave are obviously ignorant of the true nature of things.