The history of the art is dated back to the colonization period where the artists were using simple tools and materials to draw a picture or make a sculpture or compose a song. A song, a picture and the carvings were the modest ways of presenting an idea, a scenario, or a description of future humanity.  For instance, the slave in the USA used to make some painting to express their suffering and the discrimination they were going through. They also composed some poems that they used to express their feelings in the society.

The art has developed with time since the introduction of the computer that has posted various impacts in the world of artwork, some of which are positive while others are negative. The painting has evolved with the technological advancement while the poem and music have also taken another angle. For example, the modern artists are using the equipment and tools of high technology whereas in the past they used a brush and a pencil to make their painting. Also, the exhibition of the artwork that used to be on a sheet of paper or clothing is now done using computer screens. This has raised several questions regarding the creativity and innovation of the contemporary artwork.  According to Thomson, Purcell and Rainie (2013), the use of network and social media have enhanced engagement of the people in participating in artwork and these technologies have broadened their audience base. In the same research, a huge number commented that the internet has narrowed what can be regarded as artwork. Therefore, this makes it necessary to research on the impact of technology on the traditional artwork.