Parents introduce challenged Individuals with disabilities to disabled children’s schools. Secondly, students themselves contribute through attending meetings and championing for their rights. Moreover, qualified teachers help in IEP by mentoring the under privileged students. Fourthly, Principals are knowledgeable about curriculum and special education needs of the students. Interpreters guide parents on the diverse issues affecting the students’ development.

Principals usually help in the development and education of children who cannot mingle with their counter parts that are normal in class. Principals help in ensuring that students get adequate services and good training since they are knowledgeable in special education.

ARD meetings are useful in making decisions on what to write on student’s IEP document. Members who fail to attend meetings are violating the rules however; Parents have a second chance to carry forward what they want the teachers to emphasize for their children’s development (Siegel 106).

Lamkin v Lone Jack case has played a key role in solving problems between parents and district schools. This decision was the first to convince parents accept IDEA services as indicated in IEP act rather than demand district school develop a new program.

For the new teacher, I will recommend contract renewal for the next year. The teacher’s recommendations are moderately positive therefore, this is an indication that he can improve and become an excellent tutor with time. The third domain of moderate improvement on professional improvement convinces me that he will improve on talent development in the school.