Economic development

The Ingham state website is simple yet comprehensive. The designer of the website placed relevant links in strategic sections and enhanced accessibility by appealing to particular human senses of ethos, pathos, and egos. In addition, the important links, for instance, the economic development is bold enhancing its visibility to any online viewer. The designer also used gold and blue colors that blend to give the viewer an attractive appeal. The economic development link is the first under the section of doing business in Ingham. It is bolded with a brown color and written in sizeable fonts that make it easy to spot. The link opens a new window with detailed material about the stakeholders, economic services, contact, location, and the operating hours (Developement , n.d.). Therefore, the website design is excellent and highlights the important details.

How it presents economic development opportunities.

In the section of the economic development, the administrators comprehensively offer economic development opportunities. The prospects take a logical approach beginning with the beneficiaries that include the communities and the entities. It then lists the relevant stakeholders that offer the opportunities, for instance, the state, federal and regional agencies. The section also highlights the partnerships that enable provision of the services including the director and communities. Finally, the section contains information about the available services, hours of consultation and contact persons. Conclusively, it provides the best information regarding economic development (Developement , n.d.).

How easy or hard to find information on the website

It is easy finding information about economic development opportunities in the website. The website incorporates all the essential domains and elements that anyone might require. It also has the name of the director and contact number written to enable further consultations. Hence, it is accessible and easy to use.