Life sometimes comes to a full circle.  What might not be understandable is her insistence that her grandchildren visit her in South Carolina.  She was raised in Harlem.  Her three daughters were also raised in New York.  She only visited South Carolina to vacation with her aunt.  In Harlem, she could teach many more children about their roots. Her daughters and grandchildren were located in New York. It would make more sense to hand down her heritage to them in New York.

On the other hand, Tatem, South Carolina had her Aunt Cuney’s home.  This ancestral home had everything New York City did not. In New York City, material wealth and middle class living had trapped Avey and Jay into an existence that led away from their roots.  The more Jay worked to support Avey, the less time he had to spend with her.  Avey felt that going back to Tatem would slow down her lifestyle and help her teach her grandchildren about her roots.

Avey’s situation is not unusual.  After a spouse dies, or when an individual ages, the individual grows thoughtful and philosophical about their life.  Looking back Avey could see all the mistakes made by herself and Jay.  In order to make her life meaningful, she must pass down her heritage. That cannot be accomplished in New York.  South Carolina has the rich history not only of Avey’s family, but of many African Americans.  The proud African that was forced to be a slave, the freed slave, the free slave that faced racism and the African American that created the Civil Rights Movement.  Those were Avey’s ancestors. By contemplating her life, Avey can go forward to give her and Jay’s grandchildren a sense of history and pride.  This pride was a gift passed down through Avey’s aunt to Avey for her to pass down to her grandchildren.