A former Christian artist, Katy Perry rose to stardom in 2008 with her major label debut album, “One of the Boys” which peaked at No. 9 in Hot 200 (AceShowbiz.com , par 1).  Perry was born on October 25, 1984 in Santa Barbara, California.  She started her singing career under the name Katy Hudson.  In 2001, she released a self-titled Christian album, getting her inspiration from her parents who were both pastors (Starpulse.com , par 1).  Later however as she changed her genre from religious to pop music, she also changed her name to what is now Katy Perry.

Perry’s trademarks are her contralto vocal range, black hair and blue eyes, colorful outfits and colorful wigs (IMDb.com, Inc. , par 5).

The singer and songwriter had her first major hit song in “I Kissed a Girl”.   The other hit songs of Perry are “California Girls,” “Teenage Dream,” “Firework, “Last Friday Night (TGIF), “If We Ever Meet Again” and “E.T.”.

Even at a young age, Perry can boast of numerous awards from several award giving bodies in the field of music.  These awards include among others, MTV’s 2011 “Video of the Year”, 2011 and 2012 People’s Choice Awards for “Favorite Female Artist”, 2011 American Music Awards “Special Achievement Award” and 2011 Juno Awards “International Album of the Year” for her second album “Teenage Dream” (MetroLyrics.com 1).

Among the songs that Katy Perry has recorded, one’s favorite is “Firework”.  This is an inspirational song which can really lift someone’s spirits.  When one feels so down, one likes listening to this song because the lyrics are very meaningful.  It talks about believing in one’s self.  It reminds each one that we are all special, that each one has been given talents and qualities.  It is one’s choice whether to shine and light up like a “firework” or simply remain a failure and refuse to develop one’s talents and skills.  It tells each one of his individuality, of who one is and what one is capable to do.  The theme is universal; thus, it appeals to individuals all over the world.  It is all about self worth and making one’s own mark in this world.  Aside from the lyrics of the song, one finds the music very upbeat and fun.  One cannot help but feel happy after listening to it.