It never occurred to me that students, who get rowdy sometimes, could be motivated to embark on a noble and humbling service. It all began in my mind that I could mobilize the students to think and act with me for raising awareness and contributing towards hunger eradication in poor countries. Disturbing starvation reports in the news has always caught my attention and I could not leave it at that but find a way to assist someone dying of hunger somewhere in a poor location. However, I was not too afraid that my projected could be rejected.

Before any move, I approached the school management who gave me the start-up assistance, especially publicizing which gave a tremendous result. My idea of mobilizing students to fast for 25 hours and raise money to send to charity organizations serving poor areas soon caught the eye of everyone in the school. So much growth has taken place for the project such that a tougher challenge needs to be done.

I have planned for a fasting sleepover sometimes in April 2011 where more participation is anticipated based on the recent performance results. Basic sponsorship and supervision has been sought from the relevant authorities and an event plan duly formulated for presentation while approval matters are being considered. Based on advertisements made and appealing entertainment and refreshments on offer, I am certain 25 percent more funds are forthcoming. Luckily I did it before and I remain optimistic that this is achievable.