It is pathetic that nonviolent demonstrations against segregation can earn on a jail term, especially in the 20th century. Although no one wants to talk about segregation as a brutal fact, every person has to understand it, if not suffer its consequences. Birmingham is sadly the capital city of racial segregation despite the fight for liberalization by Americans over a century ago. This letter is aimed at giving hope to millions of Americans who continue to suffer under the ill practices of racial segregation in America. Just like Apostle Paul who took the Gospel of Jesus Christ beyond the borders of Tarsus, it is necessary to fight segregation beyond borders of Birmingham and to the very end.

No amount of oppression will weaken the resolve of good Americans to fight segregation because they have faced greater brutal acts before. Although some people ask the demonstrators to allow Mr. Boutwell, who is newly elected, enough time to act and bring sanity to the society. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that the segregationists have teamed up with the people in power so that so that the status quo remains. Since there is no timely way to demand for freedom, nonviolent demonstrations have to continue until the authorities bow to pressure. Furthermore, the understanding that “justice too long delayed is justice denied” makes the victims feel defenseless. Justice ought to be available to everyone without fear or favor and anyone circumventing justice is a threat to national cohesion. Injustice in any society is a threat to justice everywhere and consequently, the nonviolent demonstrations against segregation will be for the global good. There are high hopes that the relentless efforts and struggles will pay off, no matter how long it takes.