The article that is to be criticized is called Women smokers, high risk of sudden death published by EDMONTON, Alberta, Dec.

The theories of Media and Democracy : Ideology and the Media

  •  Objectives are to include the key concepts, ideology and democracy.
  •  To incorporate new ideologies and normative theories to the Media.

Ideology- this is regarded as the value or belief system that has been accepted as a truth.  It entailed a set of towards the various processes of society.  It provides the believer with a clear picture of how the world should be and ought to be.

Key features

  • Moral is should include beliefs of the reaction to anything they deem right or wrong.
  • Should be simplified in order to reduce its complexity
  • Should be accepted by a major percentage of public as a normal and cultural transmission.

Media are regarded as powerful ideologies institutions as they represent and make claims about the way the world is.

The new ideologies are perceived as systems of meaning within which the public tend to live their relationship to reality. This will decide what to do and not what to do.

This ideology is a systems of demonstration in which people live out their made-up affiliation to determine the real conditions of their existence.

The ideology should not a biased perception of reality than can be understood outside of ideology.

News Triangle :  Organization structures, dominant ideology and News value.

  • Value will include: the economic value, social value, political value, lifestyle value, ideological values of the news article.
  • The principle ideologies include; liberalism, democracy, environmentalism and feminism and socialism and how this can be related to the article.