Man-box comprises the set of standards, rules as well as expectations that regulate men’s behavior, ideas, and thoughts. Such unwritten codes confine men to the man-box, which dictates how men conduct themselves and reinforces individual opinions and beliefs of women. Men are placed into the man-box in a variety of ways. For instance, men are taught to be strong, to indicate anger only as well as to be leaders. Anything that differs from such expectations such as sadness, fear, and vulnerability shows weakness because such behaviors, as well as feelings, are set aside for women.

According what I have learned since I was a boy, I think men are placed into this box. For instance, as a little boy, I used to be emotional, and I could cry over something little. I remember my uncle telling me that I should not be crying more often as a girl and that I should be strong as a man. Due to men being placed into this man-box, various dysfunctions have arisen. For example, a majority of men equate feminity with weakness and less value. Also, men also learn to believe that the main purpose of females is to serve, support, satisfy, comfort as well as entertain men. In short, men are taught to objectify women by seeing them as body parts rather than human beings with feelings, views, ideas and thoughts. The situation has in turn led to numerous women being abused both physically and sexually.

Men’s liberation from the man-box is tied to women’s liberation since, in various societies; men are in charge of a variety of things leaving women with less important tasks. Thus, giving women equal opportunities as men enable them to be free and feel equally treated. In turn, they will treat men as equal beings. Children can be socialized while still young to avoid the rigid stereotypes by being given equal love and affection. Parents ought to show their sons and daughters that healthy manhood entails hugging, holding hands as well as kindness. Boys also ought to be encouraged to express their emotions safely.