The purpose of this paper is to provide some insights to the worksheet for decision maker week four.

  1. As the Product Manager, what is your first step in developing a plan?

Solution: As the product manager, my first step would be to determine who we will be promoting our products to. As we have established that our users are non price-sensitive early adopters but we would like to expand our client base we should firmly establish who exactly we these new clients will be. After this point I would be concerned with finding the appropriate promotion mix, as it was suggested by our media consultant that we are currently too heavily invested in ‘print’ media’. Finally I would concern myself with adopting our technology to incorporate new talent as per James Wiley’s suggestions.

  1. What type of information will you require to go forward?

Solution: In order to move forward I would need a better understanding of who we will be effectively marketing our products to. In the case we determined that the new target will be less technically sophisticated and less affluent customers. This would cover a pretty wide spectrum of potential clients so it would be wise to make a firm decision that we will be our new focus. The information would be age range, salary range, geographic location, and product preferences.

  1. How will you collect the information as noted in question2?

Solution: A small survey could be conducted across a wide spectrum of potential clients. A mixed use survey with both open and close ended questions could be used in order to generate some potential features that we might not have considered could be suggested in this stage. The survey could be conducted in person at a potential point of purchase location (Auto detailing shops, major retailers). Once this information is in hand, we would have a much better understanding of the people we should target our products to.