The Mossad and Sayanim have played a major role in spying for the Jewish regime since its inception on 1948. One of the Mossad officer confessed that the organization does not need many officers because it works in tandem with the sayanim. Therefore, given the operation of mossad in poisoning Khaled Meshal a Palestine in Jordan and Dr. Wadi Haddad, who died in a German hospital, Gates outlined ‘The Way Forward’ on dealing with the sayanim. However, the measures are not feasible, but help in checking on the future spread of the organization in the U.S.

Sayanim is a secret organization that works for mossad when there is a need or a work to be done in foreign countries including the U.S.  It would be a difficult and hard work for the FBI to identify and find volunteers to testify against the sayanim. Gates measures only serve to threaten the U.S citizen from participating with the sayanim in their operation even advocacy in the media.