In “My First Death” the main character is the author who was forced to move into Paris with her mother despite her young age. She narrates the hardship they endured when in a different country. For instance, they had to overcome the language and cultural barriers in order to fit in Paris. For her, it was easy to adapt and learn French from her friends. This has been described by her ability to communicate with other people once she was visited by her father and grandmother. In addition, within the first six months, she had learnt to squeeze herself through the crowd.

The second character is the main character’s mother who went to Paris for one year to further her education. She spent her free time with her daughter. In addition, she portrays high family values by keeping close ties with the rest of the family members.

The two main characters have a very close relationship with the rest of the family members. This has been highlighted with the visit of the father and grandmother to their temporary residence in Paris. Both characters have a long personality. This has been depicted by the fact that they were able to make friends during their stay in Paris.

The story has been written in a sequence in order to provide the reader with a clear chronological order of events. During the narration, the use of flashback is very effective. The reason is that it reminds the reader on the past events which has brought the character into the current situation. This makes it easy for the reader to follow the events more closely.