This is an article that discusses similarities and differences between management and strategic management in addition to a proposal for a structure of the aviation strategic management procedure. The main focus of the article dwells on the strategic objectives that usually are concerned with the company’s performance on the marketplace in addition to how well the organization satisfies the consumers of the services or products it provides. Some of the illustrations that are given for strategic objectives comprise of market share, customer satisfaction, as well as brand superiority (Flouris & Dostaler, 2007).

The article further outlines the various steps that are designed to assist aviation organizations to accomplish high financial and strategic performance. These comprise of; scanning of the aviation environment-thus the strategists though concerned with the entire organization, are also preoccupied with the environmental settings in which the organization operates. The second step is analysing the aviation organization which basically involves an internal as well as external analysis. These two are usually carried out simultaneously. The third focus that caught my attention is formulation of the corporate and business strategy-which involves decisions dictating how every business unit will compete in their respective sector. The fourth and last focus touches on implementing corporate and business strategies. This basically involves putting in place all what is required to accomplish the organization’s objectives (Flouris & Dostaler, 2007).