Opponents of Obamacare state that the law may interfere with the right to choose a personal physician but that is not the case. The Obamacare system has no set rules that have a government run system. The law focuses on the patient and their insurance company that tries to reduce any overcharging or any capping on patients coverage (Pipes, 2012).

Americans feel that they are dissatisfied with the health system because those with insurance believe that Americans without insurance do not get health care. The reason behind the notion that people may lose their right to choose their personal physician lies in the fact that the Obama care system authorizes control in the practice of medicine, and this may harm patients (Tate, 2012). The mechanisms opponents believe that it does not have the best interest of patients at heart. This means that patients are not allowed to visit regularly their physicians for the care, and many people may end up in emergency rooms for this.

Opponents state their dissatisfaction with the Obamacare due decreased access to physicians and care is inferior. Due to reduction rates doctors and physicians increases the intensity of services they provide. They end up having more appointments in their schedule, and they end up bouncing from one patient to the next. This time constraints and busy schedule are frustrating for both clients and the physicians. This makes many people not to be satisfied with the overall health system. Opponents also report being satisfied with their personal physicians due to the personal relationship between the patient and the doctor. The main reason for such satisfaction is due to the regular checks and the focus on Medicare by the Obama health system. The Obama care system assists in cost, it has no annual or lifetime limits, and patients are issued with coverage for all conditions (Pipes, 2012).