The community clinic at Watersedge deals with health of the entire community. Whenever there is an outbreak, physicians and health specialists work together to solve the case. The entire team solved the diarrhea outbreak by applying different knowledge of each team member.

There was a diarrhea outbreak in the community, and the source needed to first be identified. Though there were several places in the town where the infected went before the symptoms of cryptosporidium infection occurred, places where they all went were mapped out. The epidemiologist conducted the mapping. Everyone went to the park, including other places which most did not have in common. Park was chosen as the source.

Samples were taken to locate the sources. The fountain, lake water, and sewers were tested at the park. Only the fountain at the beach was containing the parasite. Other sources were negative. This work was done by a laboratorian/microbiologist.

Other sources were consulted as well. It was determined that there was a big clean up party at the park a day before the outbreak. Employees were consulted to determine from which source the water was used. Only the infected fountain was used, which eliminated the possibility of other means of contagion. The newspapers were consulted, as they pointed out that recent rains caused big runoffs, which indicated that the well the fountain was connected to was infected because of the rain. Local residents informed the team that there was a poultry farm nearby.

Finally, thanks to the hard work of every team member, the problem was solved. The poultry farm contained the parasite. The rains washed off the parasite into the well. However, the filter at the fountain was malfunctioning. Thus, the parasite was not eliminated and anyone drinking that water got infected.

This game depicts how modern health hazards require cooperation on behalf of everyone. As Reed Tuckson M.D. stated in the video in the game, community is interconnected and health problems of a minority become health problems of everyone.