The main objective of the XperTrans-C&C BPO case was to enter into human resource outsourcing services. It worked assiduously in the 2000s and established a human resource outsourcing client base and renowned multinational companies within a very short time. The main focus of XpertTrans was to set up HRO business line. It also dealt with information technology and customer management operations. One of the major causes of the problems in the XperTrans was the desire to beat large competing suppliers such as IBM and Accenture. The company had to provide an HRO solution that could cover the employee full lifecycle, from the point of recruitment to termination of a contract.

The desire to support all HR domains including HR administration, compensation, training, recruitment, and benefits among others was another cause of management problems in the company. The HR IT services comprised of the administration and management of consolidated and centralized global HR system deployed to administer and manage employee reporting and data. HR IT is very vital in the management of manager self-service and integrated employee applications (Talbot, 2009). The need to manage all payroll functions and the employee life cycle management comprising of benefits, compensation and HR admin among others was also a cause of management problems.

Another cause for the problems in the company was the inability of the United States to accommodate immense complexity of the country’s specific labor legislations requirement and diverse HR practices found in EMEA region. The company experienced serious operational problems manly brought about by the desire to implement HRO solutions. This further caused the problem of the company’s inability to meet payroll accuracy and service level agreement (Goldratt, 2008). Another cause for management problems is the need to meet development deadlines set for upcoming project waves.