After a full week of work there is nothing better than a day off. My perfect day off would begin with a hearty breakfast with eggs, waffles, syrups, orange juice, and coffee. I would then drive to my friend’s house, pick him up, and leave for the day. We’d drive a few hours through perfect traffic. The radio would play all the songs I want to hear. We’d arrive at a spot right outside of the woods. I’d look into the sky and bask in the moderate temperature and light wind. My friend and I would then beginning our hike through the wilderness. The hike would be slightly strenuous, but the wonderful weather and the scenery, coupled with the benefits of exercise would make it an enjoyable experience. We’d continue walking until we reached the campground. Once there’d unpack out tent, pull out our rifles, and head further into the forest. Before long a large boar would come racing through the forest. We’d spot him, but he would at first escape, leaving us to think we missed our opportunity. Suddenly the boar would reappear and I’d get a perfect shot on it. We’d take the boar back the campgrounds and then head out fishing. While fishing we’d gather a smattering of salmon that’d we also bring back to the campground. Finally, in the evening we’d start up a fire and cook the boar and the salmon right over it. I’d pull out some barbeque sauce I brought from home and enjoy a natural meal in the wild. Feeling full and tired I’d then laydown and watch the mountains in the distance before falling asleep for the night.