Since my early childhood I have always been fond of keeping pets. It is because of this fondness that I have had several pets during my life. I have had both pet cats and pet dogs and I have come to the conclusion that dogs serve to be better than cats. In the beginning I was fond of cats because of their so called exotic behaviour and cuteness. But later on when I pet a dog I realized that dogs could do so many things that the cats could not.
From my experience I came to know that dogs can be trained better than the cats in all ways. Commanding was one way through which the dogs can be influenced whereas the cats do not always listen to commands. Other than that the protection guaranteed by the dog was a relief to my family as a whole. Cats tend to make things fussy inside the house whereas dogs do not enter into any such activity. The interaction between human beings and cats is not two sided whereas our dogs tend to listen to everything that we say. In my view dogs are more helpful than cats and this should be taken into mind when petting an animal.
If I had the choice between cats and dogs i would prefer to pet a dog rather than a cat because of the reasons mentioned above.