• The historical development of the issue at hand.

The population explosion is one of the most important problems of the world at this moment. It creates several other problems like poverty and shortage of food if it is not controlled properly. The countries like China and India have already been witnessing the problems encountered with the uncontrolled population. Especially China which has200 million people more than India has been facing the problem more intensely as its concentration of population is restricted to fewer pockets. More alarmingly China has been increasing the rate of population very fast. In spite of its successful population control policies like one child policy, its population is getting doubled soon because of its larger population base. This puts tremendous pressure on food production, space for living and vehicle parking and cattle and sheep.


  • Identify the major parties involved in the issue and explain the nature of their involvement.

The major groups of people or agencies involved directly or indirectly in population explosion include developed (North) and developing countries (South). South countries argue that North countries fail in equitable distribution of resources where as North countries debate that South countries do not control population effectively. However the impact of environment is mainly caused by North countries as they are technologically advanced and disturb nature severely. Chinese case suggests that government plays crucial role in population control by giving some incentives in developing countries. People themselves controlled number of children due to change in economical and social structure in the recent years. Poverty and population are interrelated and both have to be managed efficiently through mass awareness and educational campaigns.