Mobile cell phones have become part of people’s lives and their daily activities. However, security concerns normally cloud the usage of such devices due to the high prevalence of cyber crimes. As a result, clients or users go for cell phones that will enhance their protection against cyber criminals and other hazardous effects. Android operating systems are complex and rapidly changing open source products that make them a lucrative and prolific target for attackers. BlackBerry has collaborated with Android in order to address some of the challenges that the operating systems expose to the users (Kleidermarcher, 2015).  On their part, Android demands a superb security incident reaction, which only BlackBerry can deliver because of their sophisticated resources. The two firms adopted the Android Vulnerability patch program that comprises of the monthly security update procedures, enterprise-programmed updates and “hotfix” scrapping. In this regard, the users shall be able to receive monthly bulletins from Google concerning the security details that will detect any infringements and vulnerabilities (Kleidermarcher, 2015).   I agree with the aspects presented in the topic for this will reduce the insecurity cases that Android users in their daily operations of the phones. The message about the Priv program was communicated effectively through the right channels and this means the two firms are innovative and ready to serve their clients. I learnt that the hackers have taken advantage of mobile phone users and they normally target the Android users. However, BlackBerry has ensured that the new application will protect users against infringements and vulnerability by the attackers (Kleidermarcher, 2015).