In the field of psychology, some differences exist between the act of conducting a field research and an informational interviewing. A field research is done to generate knowledge useful to the students, teachers and even the professionals in the area of psychology. In a field study, an individual collects data in a systematic manner guided by the research design or the plan. On the other hand, an informational interviewing is the process of conducting an interview in a meeting as a session where an individual arranges to meet a professional in a field, company or industry of interest for purposes of consultation on the nature of a vacant position. The professionals can be fulfilled through networking, by attending some official professional events or even by conducting a search on the internet (Capella University, 2015). The information gathered in an informational interview helps an individual in making decisions on whether he should consider applying for the job or the kind of questions he would expect in an interview for such post. For interviewing, information can be collected after identifying the right person to interview that would most resourceful in the field of interest.

While conducting a professional interview, some ethical principles need to be considered, and the most applicable are the principles of confidentiality and permission seeking (American Psychological Association, 2015). Both the interviewer and the interviewee should not disclose the names of the parties to the interview unless they ask their permission and should only happen in situations where information is sought in the actual interview process for the job. Secondly, before consulting a professional in the area of interest after identifying him as the ideal person, an interviewee needs to channel a formal permission from him to accept to be interviewed. If necessary, an interviewer should launch an official permission in writing but if not possible, an alternative channel can be used. Therefore, in case it is possible to meet the interviewee or connect to him online and deliver a proper permission, and then it will be proper to do so before the interview date. Depending on the manner in which the interviewee was met, an appropriate channel should be applied to reach and seek the permission.