Get There Navigation Technologies requires a technological system that will ensure its clients are served well. The first step is to have vital information in their systems. The information needs to have all the details of the employees, customers, suppliers and any other shareholder. Once the information is fed into their systems, the next step is to fill in with all the required data. For instance, it is important for the company to know why they keep particular clients and their role in the expanding the business. This will ensure that the company communicates vital information to concerned clients on a regular basis. Having a good record in the system ensures that the information is sent and delivered on a timely basis. The company will then work on the database of the suppliers, what they supply and at what intervals.

Even though such information can be stored in hard copies, the company needs to understand how convenient using the technology is. For instance, once stored in the company systems, the information can be easily retrieved by any of the authorized employees. The company will be saved from the hustles of having to keep large files and spending much time flipping through the pages just to get some information (Davenport & Short, 2003). The most important step however is to help the manager accept and appreciate the use of technology. Learning the basics of computer maybe quite a challenge, the manager should hence be given an assistant, who should help him access the information needed through computer. Once he sees how fast the procedure is, he will begin to appreciate its use which will make it easy for him to learn.