In the world today, occupational rights are the category that is rarely understood today from the point of view of its real meaning in people’s lives. From the point of view of Hammell (2008), occupational rights are part of human rights and should be obligatory seen as a necessary part for ensuring their well-being. The most curious idea of the reading was within the argument that occupational rights should be made a political issue. This statement allows to understand the importance of occupational rights and the meaning that occupation has in the life of every human being.

Of course, there is still no appropriate way to address this issue on practice as the author only talks about theoretical representation of occupational rights as part of the human rights within political sphere. This raises several questions of how to address this problem. For example, how to increase awareness of the population about the problem. Also, how to cooperate with administrative and government agents to achieve including the occupational rights in the category of human rights. Yet, the relevance of this issue is obvious. In theory, it would allow people to be seen as professionals and to seek occupations that are meaningful for them. Also, occupational rights should also be undeniable, similarly as the right to life, freedom, religion, etc. Further discussion and research of the idea needs to take into consideration the possibilities of occupational rights. It is important to focus on the practical side of the question in order to elaborate the clear scheme to view occupational rights as part of general human rights.