The movie Foreign Land, is written by Walter Salles, Daniela Thomas, Marcos Bernstein, and Millor Fernandes. Walter Salles, Daniela Thomas directed it. This short essay requires the analysis of the relevance of the title to the film. The plot will be used to show the relevance of the title.

The plot of the film is as follows. After the president of Brazil, Fernando Collor de Mello confiscated all the savings of the people of Brazil, Paco’s aged mother who wishes to return to her home country, Spain, learns of it and drops dead out of shock. Paco then begins a journey into a new nation by smuggling raw diamonds. He falls in love with Alex, but they cannot stay in peace due to murder threats by his employer. They are thus on the run (Foreign Land).

To begin with, after Paco’s aged mother dies, he literally leaves Brazil for a foreign land. In this foreign land, he finds love in Alex a Brazilian waitress located in Portugal. His employer also sends people to murder him n this foreign land for running off with his raw diamonds that he was to deliver (Foreign Land).

In Brazil, Paco lived peacefully with his aged mother, with no troubles. They lived in Sao Paulo, which is a poor neighborhood. When he moves in to Portugal, he is introduced to a world of murder, and smuggling of diamonds. This is unlike the life he was used to; it is something foreign to his land. He is further faced with murder threats from his employer for running away with the diamonds (Foreign Land).

Another foreign thing that Paco experiences is love. He falls in love with Alex, who is willing to fight for their love despite the threats he faces from his employer. She even decides to run away with Paco as he runs away from the murder threats. Paco had not fallen in love before; neither had he experienced love so committed before (Foreign Land).

For these new things that Paco experiences, they are foreign to him. For this reason, the title of this movie is relevant to it. To conclude, I agree that the title is relevant for this film.