In the United States, religion has been described as being an important tool that enhances wide diversity of many religious practices and belief. At the same time, it has a very high level of adherence, which has seen it grow to be a big source of influence to people. This PowerPoint journal reveals an in-depth analysis of the extent that religion has had on the social lifestyle of the people. The journal reveals that in the US a large percentage of the population comprise of Christians, which have many denominations. Some of the commonly known denominations in the U.S include Hinduism, Judaism, Islam and Buddhism among many others. So far the United States has been one of the countries where people enjoy freedom of religion. In this regard, there aren’t instances of religions conflicts and wars as it is common in some countries. Regardless of this observation, there is a need to establish mechanisms by which such conflicts can never take place (Neal & Jones, 2007).

However, this journal does not talk about the aspect of religious pluralism, which is a common topic whenever matters of religion are mentioned in different places. This is a policy or attitude that regards religious diversity and their diverse belief systems as they co-exist in the society. Additionally, Neal & Jones (2007) note that interfaith dialogues are also a common discussion of religion, something that the PowerPoint journal has failed to tackle sufficiently. Countries that have religious diversity are often supposed to have interfaith dialogue for the different religions represents for purposes of reducing instances of religious conflicts. When this can be done, then the country can move ahead and achieve those mutually desired goals.