Revampers is the name of our group, and we conducted our work project at Mack Park. Mack Park had been run down by friends and families, and it needed to get a facelift. The project was service-oriented, and it concentrated on making a recreational space conducive and welcoming, which the objective of a recreational space such as Mack Park. Cleaning up of litter and debris at Mack Park was necessary so as to make the park more appealing, beautiful, and livable. Litter and debris are health hazards because they provide a home for dangerous insects and reptiles. Also, cleaning of litter and debris ensures that the drainage system at Mack Park does not clog. Additionally, removal of unwanted growths from the riverbed solved the problem of waterlogging. Unwanted growths had the potential of causing the overflow of water from the river into the park. Waterlogging and surface runoffs were not needed in Mack Park and we managed them by cleaning up the river bed thereby meeting the needs of the park.

Painting Mack Park was the major part of the entire project. Painting helped to cover any graffiti on the pavilions in Mack Park. Graffiti is usually an eye-sore and can make a park lose its beauty. The painting was necessary because the paint would protect the pavilions from harmful weather elements that cause wear and tear. Through painting, the durability of the pavilions is ensured. The painting also increased the appeal of the park. Attractive colors painted on the pavilions make the park beautiful and inviting. Painting was one of the needs of Mack Park that we met, and it was necessary to give the park a facelift and enhance its aesthetic value.

Our work project at Mack Park brought many benefits to the previously run down park. Painting, cleaning up garbage and removing unwanted growths from the riverbed were the main tasks of our project. The painting task was given more attention because of the necessity to cover up graffiti and increase the aesthetic value of the park.