Sticks is a story about a man who uses a metal pole to express his feelings and emotions to his family and community. Decorating the pole in different attires symbolizes the different holiday and expresses the different emotions the man feels on various holidays; for example during super bowl it was dressed up in a jersey and a helmet, on veterans’ day it was dressed as a soldier and on Halloween it was dressed as a ghost.

The old man dresses the pole as death when his wife dies and hangs pictures of her as a baby from the crossbar. This was symbolic of the man’s homage to his dead wife. He later on hammers sticks around the yard to provide to provide off springs to the main pole. The sticks symbolize the children of the man. He then ran lengths of string between the pole and the sticks.

The man then taped letters of apology, admissions of error and pleas for understanding written in index cards and frantic hand between the pole and the strings. He then painted a sign saying FORGIVE and another saying LOVE and hang them on the pole before he died. This signs are symbolic of the man’s feelings towards his death. He used the sign FORGIVE as a way of apologizing to his children for the meanness he showed them when they were children and the sign LOVE as a way of assuring his children that he loved them even to his last hour.