Based on the role you are playing and the available information… What issues are most important to you? (List in order of importance)

Based on my role as the governor of Seaborne, there are important there are important issues that are most important to me. First, the most vital thing in my leadership position is to ensure that I provide development to my state as this is my last term in power.

What is your BATNA? Reservation Price? Target?

My target as the Governor is to create job opportunities to many people in my state because they are engaged in constructive works and at the end they will earn income. This development will create employment both short and long run. Because of my political ambitions as the governor of Seaborne, I will also consider the needs of organized labor and ensure finally that unions share in the profits of the port (Dispute Resolution Research Centre). The construction of this port will also lead to increased revenue as more industries will lease or purchase land near the port. My target at the end of my tenure to leave Seaborne developed unlike how I found it.

Who has more power–you or your opponent? What are your sources of power? What are theirs?

Implementing the development of the port is a big challenge because of my opponents. Other parties involved in this negotiation have different issues.

What do you think is your opponent is BATNA? Reservation Price? Goal-Target?

For example, the environmental league is generally opposed to the development of coastal areas citing that it threatens the ecosystem. Their goal is to ensure that the ecosystem is not destroyed.

What issues do you think are most important to your opponent? (List in order of importance)

My opponents assume have more powers because they have the minority on their back: the people of Seaborne. As well known, my power source comes from the leadership position that I hold, that is the governor of Seaborne. They have a trust that people are going to suffer if they do not stop the construction of this port in the coastal region (Dispute Resolution Research Centre). The most important issue to them is ensuring that people’s life is not disturbed at all.

What are your opening moves / first strategies?  How do you plan to interact with the other party?

Because of all the powers vested in me by the people of Seaborne, I have the authority to accept or decline any project in my constituency. As a leader and also a manager, I will employ various strategies to ensure that the project is successful. First and foremost, I will arrange a meeting with all the conflicting parties and make sure that we are all sailing in the same boat at the end. If at all it requires sharing of the accrued benefits, we shall be in a position to agree so.